codeMountain™ is a Canadian digital firm located North of Montreal in the Laurentian mountains. We specialize in operational efficiency software development. Be it codeMachine our workflow engine, codeTower our managed scalable WordPress website solution, or the other tools we're currently working on, we always build with purpose of doing lots of amazing stuff with limited resources.

We take great pride in all of our business partnerships. Be it with World Class SEO software by rankingCoach™, state of the art Local Listing Management by SweetIQ, or the small local bread shop that we're providing a digital solution for. Over the years, we've grown amazing business partnerships both big and small and we're happy to welcome a whole bunch of new business partnerships aboard.

We've just acquired TC Media's client website product portfolio. To help manage the transition, we've created smbCoach™ & pmeCoach™ to put in perspective the new service offer moving forward. If you are one of our new clients, we'd like to say welcome, and that we're looking forward to improving your customer experience and deliver the measurable results you deserve.

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Fresh outdoor code scent.

We're not stuffy or complicated, but people still think we're pretty smart. We do great work, our customers are a happy bunch and we help them make the web and all the related technology useful for them...
Like a breath of fresh air, right?

Apps, APIs, web stuff

Websites, web applications, APIs to
share your stuff with the world.
Our stuff is rock solid, modular and
aim to solve, automate or take advantage of a business opportunity

Quotes we love

Cycling, kitesurfing, mountain climbing, and web projects are the only real sports ... everything else is just a game.

All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year. Not all bits have equal value.


Montreal, Saint-Sauveur and beyond
+1 514.700.5255